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Portes ouvertes

La Cité Bleue opens its doors and all its spaces: from the artists' dressing rooms to the rehearsal studio, from the backstage to the music room, via the stage and the hall, the entire world of theatrical magic will be revealed.

Much more than a simple tour to discover the new theatre, we are offering you a veritable musical promenade in the presence of Leonardo García Alarcón and numerous guest artists, who will offer you several surprise musical performances in different areas of the theatre, as well as a demonstration of the Constellation electro-acoustic system and its extraordinary versatility.

The same route will take place three times during the day: we'll be waiting for you outside the entrance to La Cité Bleue, for an open-air performance, before being guided inside. The artistic programme will be varied and surprising, ranging from a vertical dance on the walls of the theatre to a ritual procession in the Quechua language, taking us through a whirlwind of different atmospheres, from the mysterious nocturnes of Chopin to the baroque arias of Monteverdi and Falvetti, from the Argentine tangos of Aníbal Troilo and Astor Piazzolla to the songs of Enrico Caruso.

The bar at La Cité Bleue will remain open throughout the event. Tickets are available from 30 minutes before the booked time.


Solistes de Cappella Mediterranea
Mariana Flores, soprano
Sophie Junker, soprano
Anna Reinhold, mezzo soprano
Leandro Marziotte, contreténor et guitare
Valerio Contaldo, ténor et guitare
Alessandro Giangrande, ténor
Mark Milhofer, ténor
Matteo Bellotto, basse
Salvo Vitale, basse
Andreas Wolf, basse
Leonardo García Alarcón, direction musicale et claviers

Chœur de Chambre de Namur
Elke Janssens, soprano
Cindy Favre Victoire, soprano
Marcio Soares Holanda, tenor
Jérôme Vavasseur, tenor
Philippe Favette, basse
Jean-Marie Marchal, basse

Solistes de Cappella Mediterranea et artistes invités
Pablo Agudo Lopez, violon
Margaux Blanchard, viole de gambe
Rodrigo Calveyra, cornet à bouquin et flûtes à bec
Meta Cerv, piano
Keyvan Chemirani, santour et percussions
Laura Corolla, violon
il Baskerville, clavecin et chant
Ronald Martin Alonso, viole de gambe
Eric Mathot, contrebasse
Cédric Pescia, piano
Mónica Pustilnik, luth et théorbe
Jacopo Raffaele, clavecin
Ariel Rychter, clavecin
Jorlen Vega Garcia, violon et percussions
William Sabatier, bandonéon
Chouchane Siranossian, violon
Doron Sherwin, cornet à bouquin

Quatuor Terpsycordes
Girolamo Bottiglieri, premier violon
Raya Raytcheva, second violon
Caroline Cohen-Adad, alto
Florestan Darbellay, violoncelle

Vertical Dance
Rebekka Gather, danse acrobatique
Mara Miribung, violoncelle


Sunday 10 March at 10.30am, 2pm & 5pm


2 hours, no intermission