Here we are at last. La Cité Bleue has been closed for renovation for years. I have seen its bare walls, I have walked in the dust of its demolished concrete, I have looked up into its roofless octagon to see the sky. I dreamt of artists rehearsing their instruments in rooms sketched out on paper, imagined the footsteps of the audience in a foyer cluttered with building materials, listened to the rumble of jackhammers in the empty hall.

For me, this renovation of La Cité Bleue has a deep and personal meaning. I came to Geneva as a young man and this city has become my nest, my second home. Participating in the rebirth of this iconic space is a way of paying tribute to the city that has inspired me and offered me so many opportunities.

This inaugural season is much more than a series of events. It’s a new being about to be born and take its first steps. It’s a place where creativity can flourish, where artists can feel at home, where all audiences can be reached.

From early music to pop culture through musical creations, we’ll be exploring all manner of hybrid forms, from musical theatre to opera, musical comedy, educational projects, creations combining music and dance, music and the circus arts, and chamber music, with dozens of Swiss and international artists performing nightly marathons until dawn.

La Cité Bleue is an artistic adventure in perpetual evolution. We can’t wait to write this new chapter in its history, where innovation and passion for the arts come together to create an unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through its doors. Thank you for being part of this adventure with us, as together we write a new page in Geneva’s culture.